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Approximately 1km west from Angkor Wat a bright yellow helium balloon resembling a giant egg yolk offers visitors a bird's-eye view of the magnificent Angkor temples.

Angkor Wat Balloon01.jpg

The German made helium balloon is attached to a rope and ascends approximately 200 metres, floats for a while and then descends. It isn't actually a tour and it only lasts about 10 minutes but it is enough to get some great pictures of Angkor Wat on a clear day.

The balloon flies approximately 30 times a day from sunrise to sundown and can carry up to 30 passengers.

Balloon launch pad
Steel wire attachment
View over Angkor Wat

The balloon is owned and operated by Sokha; the company which own the rights to the entry tickets to Angkor Wat as well as many other activities, such as helicopter tours.

The price of a Angkor Wat balloon ride is US $15 p/adult, children under 12 US $7.50. Khmer adults pay US $7.50, in case you want to invite your driver or someone with you.

An advance booking is recommended if you want to fly during sunset or sunrise.

Tel: +855 012 759 698
Fax: +855 063 964 107

View a short video clip of the Angkor Wat ballon below: