Quest for the Lost Civilisation

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These documentaries by Graham Hancock, an expert in ancient mythology, suggest that various ancient civilisations from the city of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia to those of the pyramids of Egypt and the temples of Angkor in Cambodia were positioned and constructed in predetermined geographical locations in relation to each other that would have required a complete surveying of the earth. Hancock also presents compelling evidence that these civilisations shared an advanced scientific knowledge of astronomy used in their architecture to align buildings and monuments to face specific star constellations and solar movements.


The monuments not only functioned as calenders but also places of rituals to serve gods. In the Inca mythology, which has its origin in Tiahuanaco, humans were sacrificed in belief that their souls would become immortal and turn into stars in the sky. It was believed that the sacrificed could influence the heavens, stop the planetary movements and ultimately time itself, thus preventing the world from otherwise inevitable disasters of planetary collisions.


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